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Always Discreet’s collection is designed with comfort in mind. Our incontinence pads, panty liners and incontinence underwear are super absorbent. With discreet leak protection and odour control, Always Discreet contains bladder leaks much more effectively than simple period pads. Reclaim your confidence with Always Discreet!

Always Discreet Liners

When that light bladder leak happens, you need protection. Always Discreet Liners have rapid dry absorption technology that helps to remove odours instantly. Designed for the busy woman on the go, the liners are sleek, portable and light. You’ll even forget you’ve got one on!

Always Discreet Pads & Pads+

For that little extra protection, Always Discreet’s pads and pads+ are super absorbent without the bulk. Available in small, small plus and normal pads, you’ll be going about your daily errands without a worry in the world. The pads plus, for heavier leaks, come in long, long plus and maxi night. Suitable for all body shapes and sizes, say goodbye to that dreaded wet feeling with Always Discreet pads.

Always Discreet 0% Pads

New Always Discreet 0% Pads are now available! These pads give you incredible bladder leak incontinence protection in a pad that’s made with 0% dyes and 0% fragrances. Confidently go about your day and live life to the fullest with new Always Discreet 0%

Always Discreet Underwear

To protect against overactive bladders and constant leaks throughout the day, Always Discreet’s underwear is a game changer. Slip into something more comfortable, with enhanced leak protection built into a slim design. Designed for everyday ease, you’ll be wondering why you haven’t come across these bladder leak pants sooner. Always Discreet underwear comes in Pants Plus (6-drops), great for heavy leaks and Super Night (7-drops) for maximum protection.

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