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About Always Discreet

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About Always Discreet

Coming from the World’s #1 Feminine Protection Company*, Always Discreet is one of the leading brands for women’s urinary incontinence across the globe. For more than 30 years we have been helping women all over the world with their feminine care needs.

We’ve heard about the scenery, sun and fun down-under and we just couldn’t resist. This is why we are bringing Always Discreet to the wonderful women of Australia and New Zealand. We want to keep you informed about our brand, values and female incontinence products range. We’re here to help you take back bladder control.

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Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladders is designed for every woman, of every age and every lifestyle. We offer a range of female incontinence products to support women with sensitive bladders who might be leaking urine. Incontinence affects 1 in every 3 women at some point in their lives, so it is not an uncommon problem. We understand that for women with sensitive bladders these conditions can be awkward and difficult to manage in everyday life.

However, we believe that every woman deserves to live life to its maximum, and shouldn’t be held back by bladder leaks. Our purpose is to enable the amazing women of the world to move, work, dance, love, laugh and live however they want, with confidence and comfort. Bladder leaks are a normal, natural part of life that should never stop you from experiencing every moment to the fullest. We exist to encourage, empower and enable women everywhere. It’s not just our mission. It’s our passion.

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Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladders

Bladder leaks can occur unexpectedly, which is why they can cause some discomfort. Whether you’re dropping a move on the dance floor or dropping a squat on the bowling green, Always is here to help keep things discreet. We developed Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladders – a range of products designed for female incontinence.

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The range includes liners, pads and underwear ranges designed to match your type of bladder leakage and your lifestyle. Always Discreet for Sensitive Bladders is made with ultra-thin materials that will keep women with sensitive bladders protected, while remaining discreet. The dual lock core designed into our liners and pads, and triple lock core in our underwear, turns liquid to gel and absorbs bladder leaks much better than a period pad. Odour control technology means you will never miss a beat. Always Discreet means you can take on every day with confidence and comfort.

The Always Discreet range of Always panty liners, incontinence pads and incontinence underwear are designed with great absorbency, leak protection and odour control.

Many women simply rely on period liners and pads for protection against light bladder leaks. However, incontinence comes with different types of fluid and odour than menstruation. The Always Discreet range of Always panty liners, incontinence pads and incontinence underwear are designed with great absorbency, leak protection and odour control. That is why Always Discreet can deal with incontinency in a way that normal period pads simply can’t. Don’t just take our word for it. Try a free sample and start a leak-free lifestyle today!


The Always Discreet liners are for protection from light bladder leaks. The rapid dry technology absorbs leaks and odours in seconds, meaning you can go about your day uninterrupted. The incontinence liners are our lightest product for women who are on-the-go.

Pads and Pads+

Always Discreet pads and pads plus, are for women who require a little bit more protection, but without the bulk. Our standards pads are available in small, small plus and normal pads. The pads+ range come in long, long plus and maxi night. The different sizes cater to all body shapes and sizes so you can have the security of a leak free lifestyle. The quick absorption and delicate design of our incontinence pads provide a long-lasting, clean-dry feeling.


The Always Discreet underwear range protects against overactive bladders and heavy leaks. Our underwear has the protection of heavy-duty adult diapers but is Always Discreet, so you can attack your day without interruption. Say goodbye to bulky adult diapers and hello to a smooth and comfortable fit.

Unleash your confidence with Always Discreet.

If you are in Australia and need assistance, contact the Continence Foundation of Australia helpline at 1800 33 00 66

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